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Castle S7


hate ABC, iTunes and Alibi for not allowing Castle S7 to be on UK iTunes. 

You can buy an iTunes gift card, delete the payment information from your account, change the country to US and then enter the gift card’s code, it works for me

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I completely adored this episode

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Stana Katic and Placido Domingo throughout the years. 

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Ways to cockblock and annoy a fandom: a guide by Castle ABC.

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I loved Castle tonight! Love getting more rick centric eps and we got a mix of serious Castle and funny quirky castle. I’m loving the mythology and am interested in what happened! I loved all of the caskett scenes! They felt genuine and real and they ooze chemistry and always have! The video he…

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kate beckett in 7x01

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Is the deleted scene just coming out now? I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before

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